General Chair

Eduardo Tomé - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon, Portugal

Eduardo Tomé made his PhD in Economics in 2001 and is currently teaching at Universidade Europeia University in Lisbon. He published 39 papers in peer-reviewed Journals, published 7 chapters in books, coordinated 3 Special Issues and presented 75 papers in International Conferences. He also leads the organization of several well attended international conferences in the intangibles domain: MSKE 2009, ECKM 2010, MSKE 2011M UFHRD 2012, TAKE 2016, TAKE 2017, UFHRD 2017, and TAKE 2018. His main interests are intangibles encompassing different aspects of the phenomenon as Human Resource Development, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Social Policies and even Economic Integration.


Local Chairs

Florian Kragulj - WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria

Florian Kragulj is member of the Research Group Knowledge-Based Management at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). His research and teaching is on knowledge-based management, organizational learning, and information management. He has (co-)authored more than 20 papers in conference proceedings, books, and academic journals. He currently runs a long-term research project with the Institute for Applied Research about Skilled Crafts and Trades (IAGF) and is in charge of the scientific project management. Florian obtained his PhD in Economics and Social Sciences. His dissertation was on the impact of explicit knowledge about needs on organizational learning processes. Moreover, he holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Science. He has regularly research stays at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest.


Heidrun Bichler-Ripfel - Institute for Applied Research on Skilled Crafts and Trades (IAGF), Vienna, Austria

Since 2016 head of the Institute for Applied Research on skilled Crafts and Trade (IAGF). The main topics are to concretize the challenges and future developments of skilled crafts and trade and to discuss key topics of them in scientific discourses. The future viability and development of skilled crafts and trade are in the focus. More than 15 years of consulting and coaching experience with small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) of skilled crafts and trade. Co-author of several handbooks on digitization for individual craft trades such as carpenters, stonemasons, hairdressers, tailors and others (2018). Co-author of the UNESCO study “Traditional Craftsmanship as Intangible Cultural Heritage and an Economic Factor in Austria” (2016).


Track Leaders

Accounting Systems and AuditingIvana Mamic SacerUniversity of
Beata Zyznarska-DworczakPoznan University of Economics and  
Business Model Innovation for Industry 4.0Maria do Rosario CabritaFaculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia UNL, Lisboa
José Maria ViedmaUniversidad Politecnica de
Challenges and Opportunities for Crafts and Trade in the Knowledge EconomyFlorian KraguljWU Vienna University of Economics and
Changes in Retail and Customer Experience in Knowledge EraBlazenka KnezevicUniversity of
Competitiveness, Globalization and the OrganizationsFrancisco CesárioUniversidade Europeia,
Consumer Satisfaction and RetailBlazenka KnezevicUniversity of
Ivana PlazibatUniversity of
Doctoral WorkshopAnthony Wensley University of
Education and Human Resource DevelopmentGary McLeanMcLean Global
Financing R&D and Innovation - New Tools and Approaches
Barbara GrabińskaCracow University of Economics
Gaming in Education, Scientific and Market Research and Business ActivitySzymon TruskolaskiPoznan University of Economics and
Justyna MajewskaPoznan University of Economics and
Gig Economy, Solo-Self-employment and Freelancers in the Knowledge EconomyDieter BögenholdAlpen-Adria Universität
Ondřej DvouletýUniversity of Economics
Globalization Challenges in Accounting and AuditingIvana Mamić SačerUniversity of Zagreb
Human Resource ManagementSylwia PrzytułaWroclaw University of
Katarzyna Tracz-KrupaWroclaw University of
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipManfred BornemannArbeitskreis Wissensbilanz,
Susanne DurstUniversity of Skö
Intellectual capital and assets dynamicsAino KiantoLappeenranta University of
Agneita PretoriusTswane; University of
Knowledge Change InnovationJulee Hafnerwehaf2ttalk
Knowledge Loss in OrganizationsThomas GrisoldUniversity of
Adrian KlammerUniversity of
Nhien NguyenNordland Research
Knowledge ManagementConstantin BratianuBucharest Academy for Economic Studies
Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Florian KraguljWU Vienna University of Economics and
Knowledge Regions: Guidance for Developers to Grow Regional Knowledge EconomiesGünter KochHumboldt Cosmos
Javier CarrilloMonterrey Tech, Mexico
Learning Assistance Systems in Smart Factories Industry 4.0Sebastian SchlundVienna University of
Fazel AnsariVienna University of
Walter MayrhoferVienna University of
Nation DevelopmentGary McLeanUniversity of Minnesota
Practitioners' TrackEduardo ToméUniversidade
Danielle DimitrovThe George Washington
Public PoliciesCarlos JalaliUniversity of
Soft Skills Empowerment: Closing a Gap in the Knowledge Economy AgendaRoland BardyGoizueta Business School Atlanta / Florida Gulf Coast
Arthur RubensFlorida Gulf Coast University
Ron Tarr
University of Central Florida (UCF)
Maurizio Massaro
Università Ca' Foscari
Supply Chain ManagementGaby NeumannTechnical University of Applied Sciences
Teaching and Learning in the Knowledge EconomyAdriana Schiopoiu BurleaUniversity of Craiova