Cooperation IAGF – WU

Reinhard Kainz (WKÖ), Alexander Kaiser (WU), Florian Kragulj (WU), Paulus Stuller (IAGF)

In June 2017, a multi-year cooperation between the Institute for Applied Research on Skilled Crafts and Trades (IAGF) and the Research Group Knowledge-based Management at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business started.

The overall aim is to anchor the economic sector of trade and craft in science and make it subject of research and teaching, paying particular attention to the role of knowledge and learning in this sector. On this way, the Research Group Knowledge-based Management supports the IAGF in becoming a learning organization that bridges the gap between science and industry.

The project establishes and reinforces the impact of the IAGF in the following three areas:

  • Scientific community
    Strengthening the reputation of the IAGF as an independent institute with a particular focus on trade and craft, that enables and carries out interdisciplinary research.
  • Economic sector of trade and craft
    Research with business partners to the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Interested and relevant public
    Raising public awareness for research on trade and craft and disseminating research results to inform and support public decision making.

The scientific part of the project is carried out by Alexander Kaiser and Florian Kragulj together with a team of researchers.

Find more information on the project here.