Book Building Future Competences

Under the general theme “Building Future Competences - Theory Meets Practice”, this year’s International Conference on Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy (TAKE) this reached a new peak. With more than 100 participants from 27 countries and 16 conference tracks, it was the largest TAKE conference to date. The exceptional collaboration of strong partners from academia and business allowed for bringing together a Viennese mélange of the international scientific community engaging in knowledge-based management and related fields of research as well as entrepreneurs and industry partners that are represented by Austria’s largest trade association.

By organizing the TAKE conference 2019, we intended to establish a lasting environment for the scientific discourse on small and medium-sized enterprises and their dealing with knowledge and learning, and particularly focus on the value of (traditional) craftsmanship in the knowledge economy of today and tomorrow.

This book is a result of our effort to straightly disseminate research findings to a broad audience of practitioners and policy makers alike. Tackling relevant questions of the knowledge economy, we compiled selected conference articles of distinguished scholars. While consistently adopting a knowledge and learning perspective, their works cover on a variety of topics, such as microeconomic issues, new ways of professional training, development of soft skills, competition on highly dynamic markets, the effects of organizational culture on knowledge, the impact of the digital transformation, trends in the green economy, innovation in strategic collaborations, recent trends on the labour market, or knowledge management practices.

Download Volume 1 and Volume 2 of

BUILDING FUTURE COMPETENCES - Challenges and Opportunities for Skilled Crafts and Trades in the Knowledge Economy

Publisher: IAGF - Institute for Applied Research on Skilled Crafts and Trades, Vienna, Austria (Paulus Stuller & Reinhard Kainz)

Editors: Heidrun Bichler-Ripfel & Florian Kragulj

Vienna, 2020

ISBN: 978-3-7089-2014-6